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Sourcebooks/Poisoned Pen

“Elegiac…. Silvis delivers crisp action sequences, but most memorable are DeMarco’s long, ruminative digressions that sum up the career of a complicated, honorable man. Readers will be sorry to see the last of him.” ~ Publishers Weekly


“A soulful, deeply felt story.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“DeMarco is an interesting character: not just your typical ex-cop-with-a-past, but rather a vividly realized, robust, and abundantly human character….a hard-edged, smartly plotted novel.”  ~ Booklist

WHEN ALL LIGHT FAILS is a literary work of art! Literary suspense fiction at its finest. What an epic way to end the spectacular Ryan DeMarco series. I LOVED THIS BOOK! My jaw dropped numerous times…full of suspense and twists. Your heart will break at the tragedy, but I loved the way it ended and found myself not wanting it to end. 5-stars +++ and one of the Top Books of 2021. Luminous and beautifully written. Utterly unputdownable!" 

~ Judith D. Collins


“Seriously great writing and highly emotional reading. I couldn’t put the book down. Highly, highly recommended. Silvis is top notch and at the top of his game.”   ~ Starred review, My Point Reviews


“So, so beautifully written. Makes you question your beliefs on life and death. It’s so rich in emotion and complex in thought. I cannot put into words how much I love this book. The writing was so deep and hopeful but so real and hurting. The characters came alive in the pages. Every chapter was a masterpiece on its own. I will cherish every word.” ~ Goodreads


When powerful men pull strings to get what they want... someone almost always ends up dead.

There's not much that would convince retired police sergeant Ryan DeMarco to take on another private investigation case, but he can't refuse a nine-year-old Michigan girl begging for help finding her biological father. The road trip to the Upper Peninsula promises DeMarco and his partner, Jayme, a chance to heal from their last case, which ended in a traumatic brush with death for DeMarco. But things aren't as they first appear in the woods of Michigan, and the seemingly simple paternity investigation soon morphs into something deadly.

The deeper DeMarco, Jayme, and the rest of their team dig, the more ugly truths they reveal, all while doing their best to keep one member of their team, from falling prey to her own kind of darkness. This investigation just might be the most emotionally troubling one DeMarco and Jayme have yet encountered, for there are plenty of people who will do whatever it takes to shut them down before the truth comes to light.




Sourcebooks/Poisoned Pen

“No Woods So Dark as These has indeed all the signs and qualities of another masterpiece by Randall Silvis. And yet no two of his books are alike… This is not your usual page-turner: you definitely want to turn the pages, but with dread, because you feel something coming… And so after four hundred pages of this slow build-up, when you think the book is over, you have this adrenaline-packed Part V that will keep you totally stunned. I honestly needed two days to recover.” Criminal Element 

“Powerful… Randall Silvis writes tightly and smoothly, and the criminals he offers have clear roots in poverty and in the lack of an affectionate and honest upbringing. Plot twists and tension come rapidly…but Silvis also writes a deeper set of questions into his novels… If you're not yet reading Randall Silvis, this is the moment to get going.”  ~ Kingdom Books

“From a horrifying, explosive beginning to a heart-wrenching conclusion, No Woods So Dark as These is an engrossing and twisted mystery… Randall Silvis possesses a noted gift for lyrical imagery and for in-depth psychology.” ~ Reading Reindeer

“An absolute must read for lovers of the Ryan DeMarco series…a fast moving and dark story of murder and mayhem…. It will leave you speechless.” ~ BlueStocking Reviews

“No Woods So Dark as These is absolutely riveting and held my rapt attention from beginning to end. The characters are well-developed and portrayed as very complex, humane, intelligent individuals. I loved everything about them… The ending is a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping moment.”

~, a Goodreads Top 1% Reviewer, an Amazon Top Reviewer

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Reflections on Living, Writing, and Dying Well 

The first installment of what is to be a four-part autobiography of the critically acclaimed author Randall Silvis. Consisting of more than three hundred brief reflections and observations, none longer than a single typed page, this intimate and revealing collection is at turns humorous, informative, poetic, philosophical, and even angry as the author considers not just the art of creative writing but also the writing life, fatherhood, academia, politicians, introversion, the afterlife, solitude, romantic love, and nearly every other subject that has fallen under his scrutiny over the past fifty years. Silvis spares no victims, including himself, in this brutally honest consideration of his life and career, and of the failings and potential of the human species in general. A must-read for lovers of life, literature, and the pursuit of happiness.

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"Silvis is at it again, striving for a blend of crime story and literature, mutilated bodies and lapidary prose." 

~ Booklist

"...deeply satisfying....this solid procedural offers heart-pounding moments of suspense. Silvis smoothly blends moments of exquisite beauty into a sea of darker emotion to create a moving story heavy with the theme of the 'past is never past.'"

 ~ Publishers Weekly  



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