ONLY THE RAIN, Thomas & Mercer

An Amazon First Reads Selection

An Amazon #1 Bestseller 

“A gifted storyteller, a master of complicated human souls, Randall Silvis brings readers…a remarkable heartrending blend of literary, drama, mystery, suspense, and psychological thriller. Most importantly, as with all Randall Silvis books, Only the Rain is thought-provoking and insightful. The author's lyrical prose is spellbinding, drawing you into the raw and emotional world of his characters.” LibraryThing.com

“Only The Rain is noir at its best—dark and tender, beautiful and brutal. A classic crime novel for the modern age.” Rebecca Drake, best-selling author of Just Between Us

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FIRST THE THUNDER, Thomas & Mercer

An Amazon Top Ten Bestseller

“Randall Silvis is an author’s author. Those who write for a living (or aspire to do so) could hardly do better than to study his significant body of work, which has been critically acclaimed and recognized throughout the world… First the Thunder is an impressive work—one of this year’s best—by an author who never disappoints. Set aside a long evening and start reading. You won’t want to stop, even as you reach the end of the story.” Bookreporter.com


ON NIGHT’S SHORE, Thomas Dunne Books

The Adventures of Edgar Allan Poe: Book One

Re-released by Sourcebooks Landmark 2017

New York Times Recommended Reading List 

​"A riveting tale of murder and betrayal…. On Night’s Shore drips with descriptive power.” The New York Post


“The writing is rich, fluid, packed with controlled energy, unobtrusive. The language, the imagery, the plot flow together without a snag. In fact, Silvis’s talent has made writing this review intensely difficult. How do you describe a perfect dive, or a Ray Brown bass solo, or moonlight on snow? You can’t; they must be experienced. On Night’s Shore attains that kind of perfection—a page-turner that leaves the reader breathless with the force of its beauty.” Erie Times-News


“Silvis recreates 1840s New York with an unstinting and often brutal clarity. His elegant, evocative prose is suggestive of Poe’s own style, and his narrative integrates elements from Poe’s more popular works. The characters, real and fictional alike, are masterpieces of insight into the human experience.” Historical Novel Society

DISQUIET HEART, Thomas Dunne Books

The Adventures of Edgar Allan Poe: Book Two

Editor’s Pick January Magazine

Re-released by Sourcebooks Landmark 2017

“There have been, in the past five or six years, several books written with Edgar Allan Poe as a protagonist. None has brought the man so clearly to life as Mr. Silvis has done.” The Blue Iris Review


“Atmospheric and cleverly researched, (Disquiet Heart) races to a sparkling denouement.” Publishers Weekly


“Moody, emotionally tortured, and convincingly atmospheric, (Disquiet Heart provides) a graphically described descent into Poe’s opiate addictions.” Kirkus Reviews

BLOOD & INK, Kindle Press

A Kindle Scout Winner

“Part noir, part dark comedy, fully entertaining! Randall Silvis is a writer of many genres, and now he's added this fast-paced, humorous crime novel to his repertoire, and it is a natural fit. Think Quentin Tarantino meets Jim Thompson. I just couldn't put it down.” Heidi Ruby Miller, author of the popular Ambasadora series


“Silvis has filled this book with witty characters who speak in crackling dialogue while they move through a plot filled with surprise twists. Don't miss it.” Victoria Thompson, author of the Agatha and Edgar Nominated Gaslight Mystery Series


“Blood & Ink would have made the late great Elmore Leonard tip his hat. Silvis is a master of dialogue and tough guy etiquette…. Read it for the dialogue. Read it for the characters. Read it for the unexpected (and humorous) situations. Highly recommended.” John Fortunato, Tony Hillerman Prize-winning author of Dark Reservations


A Barnes & Noble Bookseller’s Pick

Editor’s Pick January Magazine

“(A) stunning, elegiac tale of love and loss....” Minneapolis Star Tribune


“A masterpiece...a work of genius, a novel so filled with such immense imagery and strength as to make you catch your breath.... I cannot recommend this book more strongly.” Over My Dead Body Magazine


“Poetically written, finely-wrought, richly imagined...a literary thriller of the first order. Randall Silvis gets to the hearts and souls of his characters like few other, if any, novelists….” New York Times bestselling author

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